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Get Picture Ready with Botox Treatment

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means holiday photos are quickly approaching as well. Sending out holiday cards to friends and family or just taking commemorative photos at parties can be stressful if you aren’t confident in your smile. But with Botox Cosmetic in Glyndon, MD, you could reduce wrinkles and age lines, restoring pride in your smile once more. While the muscle and skeletal structure of the face and neck is complex, a trained and experienced dentist can use Botox treatment to potentially improve minor imperfections in your appearance.

with Botox Cosmetic in Glyndon, MD, you could reduce wrinkles and age lines, restoring pride in your smile once more

Why Botox Cosmetic may be Right for You

When it comes to our smiles, we all want to feel confident and happy. But if we aren’t, it can make enjoying events difficult. By being self-conscious of our smiles, we don’t always want to laugh or join in on the fun. But you could benefit from Botox Cosmetic treatment.

Reducing Age Lines

Botox is an FDA-approved botulinum toxin that could help smooth out your skin and reduce wrinkles. When the muscles in our face contract frequently, they leave behind noticeable lines on our skin. Relaxing the muscles beneath our face and reducing the contractions they experience often reduces the visibility of these lines as well. You can start to notice visibly smoother skin within a day or two. But you will likely see maximum results after about a month.

Treating TMJ

Botox treatment doesn’t just help improve your appearance; it can also help improve your jaw health. TMJ, a common jaw joint disorder, can leave you with a stiff and often painful jaw. Even if you aren’t worried about how you look when you smile, TMJ can make it difficult or even painful to smile. Because Botox treatment acts as a muscle relaxer, it could help reduce the strain on your jaw. This can relieve symptoms of TMJ, such as jaw pain and headaches. It can also make chewing, talking, and smiling easier.

Where to Get Botox Cosmetic in Glyndon, MD

We all want to feel confident in our smiles, but if you’re worried about age lines or experience pain when you smile, Baltimore Dental Co. is here to help. Our Botox Cosmetic treatments in Glyndon, MD, could help reduce wrinkles in your skin and relieve jaw pain caused by TMJ. Dr. Romay has been fully trained and certified in Botox Cosmetic injections. We can provide treatment from the comfort of our Gylndon office. If you want to have a picture-perfect smile for the holidays, give us a call at 410.220.4680 to learn more about Botox and other cosmetic services we offer.