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Teeth Bonding Glyndon, MD

Minor blemishes on your teeth can take a huge toll on the confidence you have in your smile. At Baltimore Dental Co., we are here to help you resolve any dental concerns you might have with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions. Dr. Leah Romay is your trusted cosmetic dentist in Glyndon, MD. With teeth bonding, Dr. Leah Romay can quickly and effectively conceal minor blemishes to restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Similar to a dental filling, teeth bonding utilizes a resin material to cover small chips, cracks, or stains on your dental structures to revitalize your smile.

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Teeth Bonding in Glyndon, MD

Within one appointment, Dr. Leah Romay can transform your smile via our teeth bonding services. The resin material used during teeth bonding is color-matched to your natural smile. Once hardened and shaped down to your tooth, the resin material blends in with your tooth and helps conceal minor blemishes. This treatment option is minimally invasive and virtually painless. Dr. Romay is happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our teeth bonding services. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What can teeth bonding help with?

Teeth bonding should only be used to conceal minor blemishes. If you’ve attempted to whiten your teeth, but notice that there is a stain that is proving to be bleach-resistant, teeth bonding material can be placed over the stain to conceal it. Minor chips and cracks can also be repaired with teeth bonding; however, more extensive damages may require a restorative dentistry option like a dental crown to restore the functionality of a broken tooth.

How much enamel will be removed during the teeth bonding appointment?

Teeth bonding only requires a small amount of enamel removal to make space for the resin material. Any enamel removed from the tooth surface will be quickly replaced with the hardened resin material, meaning no one should notice your teeth have been repaired using bonding material beyond your restored cosmetic aesthetics.

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