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Family Dentistry Glyndon, MD

We know that you have many options when it comes to finding a dental health provider in Glyndon, MD, for you and your family. At Baltimore Dental Co., we welcome patients of all ages, including children who are comfortable in our dental office.

Our team of dental professionals provides compassionate and comprehensive dental services. Whether this will be your first dental appointment ever or your first dental appointment at our office, we guarantee that our staff members will greet you with a smile. We will always treat you with respect.

Family Dentistry in Glyndon MD

Family Dentistry in Glyndon, MD

From thorough dental cleanings and routine procedures to providing comprehensive restorative and cosmetic services, Baltimore Dental Co. has the services everyone in your family needs to maintain the best versions of their smiles. Dr. Leah Romay is highly trained in the field of general dentistry in Glyndon, MD.

The Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Visiting a family dentistry practice can make it more convenient to maintain the oral health of everyone in your family. As a family dentist office, we offer diverse dental services. Dr. Romay provides this dental care to patients of all ages including children and seniors. She can tailor each treatment plan to each family member’s unique needs.

When an entire family visits our office, we can consider familial and genetic factors in their care. Dr. Romay can then treat her patients more accurately and promptly.

The goal of our family dental practice is to establish a trusting doctor-patient relationship that will last for decades. Dr. Romay wants to welcome you and your family to our dental practice.

Tooth Decay is the Most Common Chronic Childhood Disease

Today, tooth decay is the biggest issue we face with our children. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. It affects millions of children in the nation, even more than asthma and obesity.

This oral health issue is preventable. It occurs when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that erode tooth enamel. Bacteria forms in the mouth from poor oral hygiene habits and a diet with too much sugar. A lack of proper dental care education and children not brushing their teeth often enough is the direct cause.

Untreated tooth decay can lead to rotting teeth, discomfort, and embarrassment. Often, the child’s well-being is negatively impacted. However, the side effects of tooth decay can also cause difficulty eating, speech problems, concentration issues, academic performance problems, and pain. More importantly, it can set the stage for a lifetime of oral health problems. Dr. Romay treats dental caries with dental fillings. If the tooth is severely decayed, she will need to treat it with a tooth extraction.

How to Create Lifelong Habits for Optimal Oral Health with Your Child

Establishing lifelong oral care habits with your child is vital for their health. As a parent, there are many things you need to do to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums into adulthood.

The first step is to bring them to the dentist early in life. Additionally, teach them age-appropriate ways to care for their oral hygiene and why we need to take care of our oral health.

There are so many benefits to begin dental appointments early in life:

  • Establishes early oral health habits
  • Prevents childhood tooth decay
  • The dentist can monitor dental development
  • Builds comfort and trust with the dentist and staff
  • Provides education for children and parents on proper oral care practices
  • Prevents dental anxiety
  • Addresses any bad habits or dental issues in the early stages
  • Establishes a dental home for trusting dental care

We Provide Specialized Dental Care for Seniors

Our older patients often have unique dental care needs. Dr. Romay offers a comprehensive approach to senior dental care to help them maintain their oral health. She can create a personalized dental care plan after an assessment to address their diverse needs.

We recommend that seniors visit us every six months for regular check-ups. This is to monitor issues like decay, gum disease, and oral cancers. We will offer them additional support on topics such as nutrition, gum disease prevention, and denture care.

For those with dentures, proper cleaning methods are vital. These habits will prevent irritation, ensure a proper fit, and help the restoration last longer.

Many seniors experience dry mouth. This condition places them at a higher risk for tooth decay. We offer support and treatment for dry mouth for our senior patients. Hydration and saliva substitutes can help manage this.

They are also at a higher risk for gum disease. We encourage them to take all preventive measures and intervene when possible. If suffering from gum disease, we may suggest they visit us more often than every six months.

Family Dentistry FAQs

Dr. Romay is happy to answer any questions you might have about your family’s dental health needs or cosmetic concerns.

When should I schedule my child’s first dental appointment?

We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental appointment after the eruption of their first tooth or by their first birthday, whichever comes first. Bringing your child to the dentist’s office at an early age makes it easier for them to become accustomed to receiving treatment in the dental chair. This sets them up for a lifetime of dental health. It also allows us to closely monitor their mouth’s development.

Can the dentist see my child and I at the same appointment time?

We understand many families want a dentist to see everyone at the same appointment time for maximum convenience. Our staff will do the best we can to accommodate scheduling needs. Please mention your appointment preferences when scheduling your appointment.

Do you offer specialized services for aging smiles?

Dr. Romay has advanced training in the field of Prosthodontics, which focuses on restoring teeth after damage and loss. As a prosthodontist in the Glyndon area, Dr. Romay is uniquely qualified to work with adult patients facing more complex dental concerns.

Her personalized approach and compassionate manner will put you at ease. Dr. Romay can provide a wide range of dental solutions to help you get back to smiling with confidence.

How often should the dentist check a child’s teeth?

Children should visit the dentist every six months, just like adults. In some cases, we might recommend more frequent appointments, such as every three months. We can monitor any developmental issues with more frequent visits.

What are the most common dental problems in children?

The most common dental problems in children include tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, dental emergencies, gum disease, and orthodontic problems. The earlier you bring your child in for an appointment, the earlier we can diagnose and treat these problems if they arise.

Schedule An Appointment At Our Family Dentistry Office in Glyndon, MD

Our office looks forward to welcoming your entire family to our dental practice. If you are looking for a reliable family dentist in Glyndon, MD, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Leah Romay. We look forward to seeing you soon.