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Denture Implants Glyndon MD

Dentures are a reliable solution for missing teeth. They have become more natural looking in appearance and comfortable. While removable dentures are a suitable option, more and more patients are choosing to have them secured with dental implants.

Dr. Leah Romay is a highly educated and experienced prosthodontist and can place denture implants in Glyndon, MD. Utilizing dental implants to secure a denture is the most advanced solution for tooth loss available today.

Denture Implants in Glyndon, MD

Denture Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures rely on suction or adhesive (sometimes both) to remain in place on the gums. They have to be removed daily for proper cleaning and require a lot of regular maintenance. Over time, the denture will begin to fit differently due to bone and tissue loss. Because of this, it will need to be completely replaced eventually. Additionally, patients who wear dentures will have to abide by many eating restrictions.

On the other hand, denture implants help maintain bone density. Anywhere from one to eight implant posts are inserted into the jaw bone to imitate teeth roots and prevent bone loss. This will help the denture fit correctly for as long as the denture lasts.

The implant fixtures also help hold the denture in place for maximum durability. With this method, the denture is more secure and stable. It will never slip around in your mouth, cause slurred speech, or fall out. Best of all, there are little to no eating restrictions.

Types of Denture Implants

Snap-in dentures

This type of implant denture is held in place with a ball attachment system. At least 2-4 dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone to support the denture. Your dentist will attach a special type of abutment to the implants which will allow the denture to snap into place.

Each day you will remove the denture to clean them. Additionally, you can remove it if food gets stuck. This type of denture is more expensive than traditional denture but cheaper than screw-in dentures.

Screw-in Dentures

Dentures that are permanently screwed into place require at least four dental implants. Instead of the denture snapping into place, it is secured with screws. Once your dentist does this, only they will be able to remove it. This type of denture is hard to keep clean since it cannot be removed.

You must be committed to a strict daily oral hygiene routine. While this is the most secure way to replace missing teeth, it is also the most expensive. Screw-in dentures have the highest patient satisfaction rate because they function, feel, and look like natural teeth.

Denture Implants FAQs

How long does it take for implant dentures to heal?

It often takes between three and six months for implant dentures to heal. The implant forges a lasting bond with the bone as it heals and integrates. This takes time so it is important to be patient during the healing process.

Can you sleep with implant dentures?

The implant dentures support the denture. Wearing it at night allows for support while you sleep. In order to maintain proper oral hygiene and fresh breath, it is important that you schedule a time to clean your implant denture every day.

Are implant dentures uncomfortable?

The implants are there to support the denture. Wearing your denture at night allows for support while you sleep. In order to maintain proper oral hygiene and fresh breath, it is important that you schedule a time to clean your implant denture every day.

How do you clean permanent denture implants?

A soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste should be used to clean dentures. It is important to be careful when cleaning dentures, however it is crucial that you clean them daily to maintain your oral hygiene.

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As an expert dental implant dentist, you can trust Dr. Leah Romay to place high quality and durable denture implants. This missing teeth solution has more benefits than traditional dentures. Even though they are more expensive, you can expect them to function better than any other tooth replacement solution. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about denture implant.