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Dentist in Woodleaf, MD

At Baltimore Dental Co., our dedicated dentist and staff make sure they’re providing quality dental care to the surrounding area. If you’re looking for a dentist in Woodleaf, MD, our Glyndon dentist office is ready to give you the care you need. Led by Dr. Leah Romay, we provide comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages.

dentist in woodleaf, maryland

Dental Care For The Whole Family

Our office doesn’t discriminate against any age when it comes to dental care. Whether you’re just starting your dental journey or you’re experiencing the dental challenges that come with aging, we can help.

A child should have their first dental appointment before they turn a year old or when their first teeth begin erupting. Bringing your child to the dentist when they’re young helps to ensure they have a good relationship with dental care. Just because they’re baby teeth doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be taken care of.

As we age, our mouth changes just like the rest of our body does. Teeth become more discolored as the enamel wears down. Older people are also more likely to experience tooth loss. We offer advanced techniques to make sure you have a smile you’re proud of no matter how old you are.

Preventative Care Is Crucial

Regular dental care is the most important part of maintaining your oral health. No matter your age, we can help you make sure you’re following the best brushing and flossing techniques for your age. For children especially, it’s important that they know how to brush and floss their teeth properly.

When you come to the dentist regularly, it also helps us note the changes and development we see in your mouth that you may not notice. With an expert eye, we can diagnose early symptoms of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Diagnosing problems early impacts how extensive the treatment plan will be. If things are caught early on, more conservative treatment options can be used. This saves you both time and money for early diagnosis.

With children coming to the dentist as well, it helps us to see the changes in their oral development as they age. We may refer children to an orthodontist or recommend that they get their wisdom teeth removed before more serious problems develop with their oral health.

Restorative And Cosmetic Options

Our office doesn’t just provide preventative and general dentistry services. We have restorative and cosmetic options as well. Restorative dentistry is designed to help restore your smile when you have issues like breaks, chips, or tooth loss. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to have the perfect smile of your dreams.

The gold standard of tooth replacement is dental implants. They both look and feel the most like your natural teeth. If you’re experiencing missing teeth, we’ll see if you’re eligible for this procedure.

When it comes to cosmetic offerings, porcelain veneers are able to treat a wide variety of conditions. Since they’re ceramic shell that covers the front and sides of your tooth, they can take care of everything from discolored to misshapen teeth.

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At Baltimore Dental Co., we aim to provide all the dental services you need under one roof. We serve areas in and around Woodleaf and Glyndon, Maryland. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to get started.