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Q&A With Dr. Leah Romay

dentist in baltimore mdDr. Leah Romay is your experienced local dentist in Baltimore, MD. She is excited to announce the launch of her new website, and is currently accepting appointments from new and returning patients. To help her patients get to know her a little better, here are some of her thoughts on holistic dentistry approaches, smile-friendly snacking, and what her patients can expect from Baltimore Dental Co:

What brought you into the dental field?

I decided I wanted to be a dentist in high school because I wanted to do something that was hands-on and artistic but also health related at the same time.

What dental treatments or specialties interest you most?

I like doing a little bit of everything. I enjoy doing dental implants, preventative dental care, and crafting dentures—anything that allows me to practice my artistic skills and help patients achieve the best versions of their smiles. I also enjoy providing cosmetic services like Invisalign and teeth whitening. I find that most patients enjoy coming in for those sorts of treatments, which makes it more exciting. However, for me, it’s not any one procedure that makes me truly happy; instead, it’s more about giving patients a positive dentistry experience that I find to be most fulfilling part of the job.

What do you like most about being a dentist?

What I like most is being able to make a real change in someones life. I know it’s not people’s favorite thing to come to a dentist so when I can help someone overcome that fear and give them a good experience, that makes it worth it.

How do you help your patients achieve lifelong dental health?

At my practice, I’m still using conventional dental approaches, but I come at if from a stance of, “Why are these dental concerns happening in the first place?” For example, if you have a cavity, I won’t simply put a filling in it. Instead, I’ll discuss factors like diet, medications, and other medical issues that are influencing your dental health to help prevent similar dental concerns from happening again in the future. On top of that, I try to be as conservative as possible. If someone has a tiny cavity, I’ll see if they can change their diet and do better at brushing, so that we might be able to stop the cavity from progressing without the need of a filling.

What are your favorite activities outside of dentistry?

I cook a lot. I enjoy developing recipes, blogging, and photography. I post a lot of food photography on my blog because it allows me to be artistic. I also enjoy gardening and arts and crafts. I’m a very DIY kind of person.

What are your go-to, smile-friendly snacks?

Anything that is not super sticky. My go-to snack is a jar of dried figs, dates, and unsalted nuts. I also suggest carrot sticks and hummus. For a sweet tooth, try a square of dark chocolate to curb the craving.

What can patients expect when visiting Baltimore Dental Co.?

We go above and beyond by making a really comfortable patient experience. Our practice is in a historic building so it has a little extra charm. I have an awesome team that looks forward to treating our patients every day. We are always trying to help our patients avoid unnecessary or costly procedures if possible. My goal is to help patients prevent dental concerns from occurring in the first place so they never have to dread going to the dentist again.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Leah Romay online!